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Club History

“I’ve learned that it’s what you do with the miles, rather than how many you’ve run”

– Rod DeHaven

           LaCrosse and its surrounding communities have a strong and storied history of its running roots as is outlined in the chart below.  The amount of time and number of miles spent on the legs of those members over the past several decades is remarkable indeed. Many lives have been enhanced by the personal drive and intentionality that each has chosen for themselves for various reasons.  Countless goals were accomplished, races completed, and more than a few “Runners Highs” were experienced.  These members ran at a time in the world much different than today (2019). The technology was less advanced, running gear and nutrition was not as understood and the overall interest was much less.  These individuals were the true pioneers of our running community, full of energy and enormous confidence to be bold and unique in their choice to embrace a sport not fully understood at their time.  A deep strength that only those that run can truly appreciate. Our local and national issues were obviously much different causing our own personal fears and frustrations to be distinctly dissimilar.  Oddly enough those former and today’s current members share in similar cures that transcend through the decades...great conversation over the countless long runs, endless cups of coffee and the occasional post-run beverage.  Many lifelong friendships have been forged over those years of running and created lasting memories in the minds of those runners during each of their phases and personal journeys through this thing we call life.

  • 1)  Dipsy Doodle Dashers 1970-1974  UW-L Runners Pink Singlets


  • 2)  Winding Rivers Running Club 1984-1987  Mark (Abe) Abraham was a starting member.


  • 3)  Winged Foot Running Club 1987-1999  Teams Old Style and La Croix - creator Jack Isherwood


  • 4)  Family Y River City Running Club (RC2)  1999-2002. still some support from the brewery.


  • 5)  River City Running Club (RC2)  2002- Current. Support from Don's Towing and membership dues.

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