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Scheduled Runs


**Group runs can be inconsistent. Please utilize Google Groups to find groups to run with

You do not need to be a club member to join us!

Use Google Groups and/or Facebook to post runs

Use our platform to reach out to 100s of local runners! To be added to the Google Group email:


7AM Meet at the La Crosse Area YMCA. Traditionally this is the club long run day, but distances will vary as will pace based on how many friends show up!

Cabin Coffee Run

8:00 AM- 1st Saturday

of every month!

Meet at Cabin Coffee in downtown La Crosse for 3 or 5-mile run around the marsh trails. 


7:30 AM

Winter: Meet by UWL Track by Mitchell Hall, around 6 miles

Summer: Meet at Lower Hixon parking lot - trails


**Summer: 5:30PM

Meeat the Upper Parking lot in Myrick Park for a Trail Run.


All speeds and abilities welcome!


5:15 PM at Eagle's Nest Sports Bar - Campbell Road - approximately 60 minute run.

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