Scheduled Runs

Due to COVID Group Runs are Currently PostPoned

Ways to Still be a part of the community:

Rotary Lights Run:

During the month of December this is a quick route that runs down to the Rotary Lights in Riverside Park. At the Park you can donate cash or non perishable food items and then enjoy the sights before heading back to the start. 

Map of Route:

Salvation Army Kettle Run:

During the month of December this is a long route that hits 4 Salvation Army Kettle locations. For this loop bring some coins and cash and stop at each kettle and drop in some change while masked appropriately. If you don't want to do the full loop feel free to just do one or two kettle and then head back to the start at the La Crosse YMCA.

Map of Route:

Monday 6:00 pm

New meeting spot TBD

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Wednesday night winter runs. Meet at the La Crosse YMCA parking lot. 

Thursday 5:00 pm

Meet at the parking lot across from Boot Hill Pub, 1501 St. Andrew St.  The runs last about an hour and frequently include marsh and/or hixon Forest Trails.

Friday 6:00 am

New meeting spot TBD

Saturday 7:00 am

La Crosse YMCA, (Main Street and West Avenue). Meet in the parking lot by the northwest entrance. Groups of runners will run distances of 6 to 20 miles at paces from 7 minutes to 10 minutes per mile.  

Sunday 7:30 am

Meet at parking lot on UW-La Crosse, across from the Eagle’s Nest bar (Campbell Rd. and Vine Street). Distance: 6 miles known among long-time members as the “Old Style” loop.


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