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December Newsletter

Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything, that there's no reason to fear starting lines...or other new beginnings" - Amby Burfoot

Greetings River City Running Club Members! December was a wonderful month for the River City Running Club. The new board had its inaugural planning meeting with tons of fun in the works for the upcoming year! Our mission is to continue building a strong running community, filled with friendship and camaraderie. What better way to start off than with the annual Christmas Lights run to view the beautiful display of holiday cheer, followed by liquid holiday cheer at the Greengrass Cafe! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for frequent updates on group runs and events. See you out on the roads and trails!

We hope you like this revamped version of the monthly newsletter. Please submit any race results, pictures, race recaps, event invitations, and other running news by the 25th of each month to be featured in the newsletter. Email to

Have a wonderful holiday season!


New Member Welcome

Kim Kirckof Siegersma Jeff Makowski Amanda Manock Jules Teskie Mara Wiebke Amanda Wiebke Josh Franke Cody Teslow


Race Results

*Thank you Dave Bange for compiling!*

November 10, Madison Marathon, Madison, WI Rob Smith 4:05:50 Darick Bloom 4:52:07

November 17, 5K UW-L Turkey Trot, La Crosse, WI

Jamie Mannion 20:47 (1st 60-64) Jim Stenulson 22:46 (2nd 60-64) Darick Bloom 23:00 Tom Gibbons 23:08 (3rd 60-64) Ruben Andersen 24:09 Rameses Anderson 24:10 (1st Under 10) Laurie Enos 25:59 (3rd 50-54) Melissa Nevala 26:18 (3rd 45-49) Ann Gibbons 28:47 (1st 60-64) Cory Clark 29:28 RJ Miller 31:08 Linda Miller 31:09 (2nd 60-64) Kathy Moen 31:37 Mike Mulroy 32:51 (1st 70+) Kristie Shappell 33:02 Theresa Riley 34:34 (1st 70+) Noah Anderson 35:05 Casey Anderson 35:05 Dave Rice 36:09 (2nd 70+)

November 22, 5-Mile Festival Foods Turkey Trot, Onalaska, WI

Tom Gibbons 37:18 (1st 60-64) Ruben Anderson 40:08   Rameses Anderson 40:09 (1st 1-8) Naoko Aminaka 41:28 Nancy Winberg 43:22 (1st 60-64) Ann Gibbons 45:04 (2nd 60-64) Dave Bange 49:38 (3rd 70+) Noah Anderson 54:36 (2nd 1-8) Casey Anderson 54:37 Maureen Kinney 55:44 (1st 65-69) Stacy Suchla 59:12 Theresa Riley 1:02:27 (1st 70+)

December 15, YMCA Jingle Bell Run, Onalaska, WI  5 Miles

Margaret Ho 30:44 (1st woman overall) Kristie Shappell  46:31 (1st 60+)   Judy Schmidt  46:50 (2nd 60+)  Laurie Enos 51:38 Sloane Komissarov 57:21  Randy Krainock 1:10:51 Larry Schmidt 1:10:5 5K Aaron Puent 20:00 Linda Miller 27:47 (1st 60+) RJ Miller 27:47 (2nd 60+) Shari Hegland 29:28 Kevin Hegland 29:29



Member Spotlight!

Margaret Ho

Margaret is one of your new RCRC newsletter creators! Hence why I am the first profile. If you would like to be highlighted - to introduce yourself, provide a race recap, or anything else, please email a picture and details to Fun fact about me: I ran my first marathon (Madison) when I was 19, and Boston when I was 20!


Jots by Dots

Submission by Dotty Ho

Keeping the Porta-Potty Line Moving!

The race starts in 20 minutes and it is time for one last bathroom stop but, ugh, the line. Which line is the shortest? Which line feeds into the most units? Which line is moving the fastest? Which line has the most men? Decisions, decisions.

Runners, we can all help this process. Here are my guidelines!

  1. Mind the gap. Respect the person’s privacy, but move within grabbing distance of the door. Seconds will be saved shortening the walk to the door.

  2. Be ready. If you are next in line, set down all the gear you are not taking into the port-a-potty with you, take off your gloves and be ready to run in and out as quickly as possible.

  3. When the person ahead of you comes out meet them at the door. No need to let the door open and close only to open it again.

  4. Finally it is your turn. Take care of business as quickly as possible. This means getting the toilet paper ready while still going, taking care of business, getting respectable, a quick shot of hand sanitizer, then open the door and hold it for the next person. DO NOT close the lid, this just necessitates the next person opening it and who wants to touch it anyway.

  5. Now that the next person is in the port-a-potty you can take your time rubbing in the hand sanitizer, adjusting clothing, putting gloves back on and picking up your gear.

Things NOT to do

  1. Do Not pin on your bib in the port-a-potty

  2. Do Not change clothes in the port-a-potty

  3. If things are just “not happening” exit the port-a-potty and try again later.

  4. Do Not cut the line, everybody is in the same boat.

  5. If you are spectating the race do not use the port-a-potties until after the race starts. Once the race starts, go ahead and use the facilities.

Bonus Tips

Bring along some toilet paper from home. You can put a ‘wad’ in your pocket or just save the end of the roll. Bigger races (ahem Boston) tend to run out of toilet paper in the port-a-potties. By bringing along some TP from home you will save yourself and be a hero to the people behind you in line when you have extra to share!

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